TEN practices design by research

TEN measures precedents

TEN qualifies the urban

TEN works with temporality

TEN reinterprets typologies

TEN annotates projects with many hands

TEN affirms territory through form

TEN constructs with simple means

TEN investigates through drawing

TEN studies relations between books and buildings

TEN activates specialized knowledge

TEN defines collective practice

TEN welcomes all


TEN is an architecture, design and research association working on the principle that value is an outcome of design effort. Its engagement on public themes of interest and open research on the built environment is shaped by its common statute.

TEN is composed as a record label, providing new formats for interdependent work groups with emphasis on design by research. It aims to conceive, explore and produce ideas that both state and expand upon emerging practices in the built environment. Its focus lies on producing new realities by means of building prototypes, urban propositions, algorithmic design, and materials research with a range of collaborators, colleagues, institutional partners and private clients. TEN is currently focused on developing models for affordable living with particular focus on cohabitation, either through invited studies, prequalified competitions or in self-initiated collaborations.

TEN is a Swiss Art Award laureate (Architecture 2018) and recently received the Foundation Award for Emerging Swiss Architects (2020). Its members are regularly invited and awarded for their contributions to Swiss and international design competitions. The work of its members has been published and presented across numerous digital and printed platforms, magazines and academic journals.

TEN has most recently been nominated for the prestigious Mies van der Rohe Award 2022 for its prototype Avala House and the World Bank Resilient Housing Award for its construction model for the redevelopment of the Thame Valley, Nepal.

Scott Lloyd MSc ETH Arch

Nemanja Zimonjić MSc ETH Arch

Ognjen Krašna MArch

Tijana Mačkić MArch

Nicolas Rothenbühler MSc ETH Arch

Luka Piškorec MSc ETH Arch

Lukas Burkhart MSc ETH Arch
Aleksandra Bašić MArch
Angel Arsovski (MArch in training)

TEN collaborators include:

Engineers without borders (IngOG+), Dr. Neven Kostic, Jana Kulic, MOFA studio, Studio Tom Emerson ETHZ, Début Début, Jelena Perović, Studio Mathias Clottu, Boris Gusic, Urbane Strategien, UrbanBEATS, Dr. Peter Bach, Dr. Giulia Donati, Ganz Landschaftsarchitekten, Truwant + Rodet +, ProHelvetia, Stadt Zurich, Alexis Kalagas, Jan Eugster, Guillaume Othenin-Girard, David Stoeger, Karl Ruhle, playze GmbH, Chur University of Applied Sciences, Ville de Genève, Bauhaus University of Weimar, Studio NOUN, Ricardo Carvalho Dias, Emma Letizia Jones, Estudio Artigas, Bessire Winter, 51N4E, Bruther.


TEN, Kanzleistrasse 80, 8004, Zurich, Switzerland, +41 (0)44 578 17 01

TEN, Trg Nikole Pasica 7, 11000, Belgrade, Serbia